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  • Nazoorah Nusrat

Conscious Living, what does it mean to be alive?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

When was the last time you took a close look at yourself in the mirror - really close? To see your pores, tiny hairs and blood long has it been since you checked your pulse or felt your heartbeat? Can you recall counting the stars, looking at the moon and listening to the birds sing?

What does it mean to be alive? What do you think of when you look at your life and how you live? If we don't question what it means to be alive and what we value about life - what are we doing day to day?


The situations and events that have taken place during this pandemic are showing a very murky view of how we as humans are choosing to 'live'. Centuries of taking, consuming, producing without limits, and destruction of what was never ours to own - the Earth. A large majority of us believe we are the dominant race on the planet, failing to recognise the importance of the other species evolving and residing years before we were ever formed. It's fair to say in parts of the world - as a modern race, we have become arrogant beyond measure.

The most recent eye of the storm in the USA has exemplified how little we have evolved, highlighting the ever-present lack of compassion and respect of free will, coupled with a harrowing absence of love towards fellow humans. This isn't a new disability of our kind, it has been innate for centuries. It could be described as a deep zit being squeezed, now oozing with everything that we have been burying or turning a blind eye to.

What are the leaders of England and the United States teaching future generations that will rule the planet? That it's OK to lie and perfectly acceptable to manipulate, break the law and rescind agreements to get others to conform? If these values were taught in schools, no parent would send their children there to 'learn' these attributes.


Previous generations have faced epidemics, wars and pandemics. Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have disastrously put millions of lives at risk, turned their back on the advice of scientists and other countries that have effectively managed the containment of COVID-19 within their borders. Some of those countries having low economic budgets or assets readily available - how did they do it?


How would you have tackled the virus and sought to protect lives and maintain the economy? Is freedom of movement, privacy and free will superior to cohesion, patience and protection? Henry VIII self-isolated out of fear during the epidemic of 1528 without being told's not a new situation for us to be in.

Will we face future epidemics, pandemics and viruses? 100%, yes we will. It is inevitable, we are not immune, we can not 'fix' humanity with vaccines, laws and regimes.

What we can do is remind ourselves of what makes us human. Get back to the core purpose of living and how privileged we have become.

All that we have built can be taken away in a second - we are not in control, we do not know what is around the corner.

We must answer these questions and wake up to what it means to be alive. The answers lay in working together, supporting each other and being kind without expectation. Treating everyone with reciprocal empathy and love.


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