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  • Nazoorah Nusrat

Thursday's Thoughts

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

A heart to heart moment, some open and honest sharing.

Over the years I've felt more and more connected to Mother Earth, enthralled and grateful for the benefits that nature unconditionally supplies. I've found it to be the ultimate healing source for physical, mental & emotional discord and fulfilment.

I woke up this morning feeling so sad and upset with an unequivocal feeling that Mother Earth is calling out for deep healing, calling out in a way that can't be ignored. In times like these, I'm not the best advocate for striving to excel in business, my passion is to sustain, support and connect as beings of energy and love. Going back to the bare roots of what life really has to offer us. Abundant natural resources and above all the cocktail of peace, joy, love and adventure!

I do heart fully engage in the act of continuous learning and development. Our ability to produce, explore and invent is infinite. It's a core merit to our race, which I deeply honour, celebrate and double high five.

Since December, we entered a challenging time of heightened fear and protection for the vulnerable and aged. Something that is always a priority. It's currently the prime reason as to why we have imposed change in our societies across all continents.

Health workers, care providers, teachers and scientists are being pushed beyond limits and self-sacrifice to inject stability and reduce risk. Hopefully, this will realign their standing in society and enable the recognition they need to continue to be the guards of our health and longevity.

We are being met with an amplified focus on global economic fall-out, an unemployment net being cast far and wide as a result of public services being halted and businesses having to suspend non-essential output.

A wake-up call that can not be put on snooze. We can't ignore this push to change the essence of how we interact and evolve.

Equally: society is realising that without the rat-race impeding our essential connection with our holistic self, the reduction of our carbon footprint on the world has suddenly become visible. Pollution has reduced and air quality is improving. Appreciation of nature and how important it is to go out in fresh air is being re-embraced.

The other half of us have been given the gift of time to really look at ourselves and get back to who we were before external stress took over. So many things can be achieved if we choose to let go of the fear of lack and control.

Connecting with family and neighbours that are vulnerable making sure they are cared for in a way that invokes ingrained empathy and compassion. Communities uniting through shared love of music and laughter. Families and friends will have to be together, learning the importance and humbleness of co habitation. Without the routine of getting up and out for school or work being the cause of 'stress' and raised voices. We can finally relax in this hiatus and take a much-needed break from what has become the norm.


Mother Earth and nature always has our back, going on regardless, sustaining our life on this planet. It also gives out thunderous lessons that leave a scar and stark reminder that we have a responsibility to ourselves to look after each other and her - or be wiped out. Something that is inevitable if we don't come around from the slap in the face and make a change in how we operate as a race.

Reduce pollution, care for each other, kindness should be a given - not a unique attribute that stands out. Skyrocket methods to eliminate the production of toxic products via AI, enhance the strategic advancement in sustaining and uplifting the ecosystem. Invest in education that will inform and empower generations instead of instilling fear or panic.

Professionals that may not be needed to produce the next upgrade or increased functionality for social media resources could adapt their tools to pedal faster in these areas.

Instead of trying to play catch up and fixing decades of destruction and neglect. We can collectively use this time to possibly break even. It may be a chance to start over and reboot.


Respect and give thanks to our surroundings, animal habits and boundaries. Invest in replenishing natural produce and growth. Show some love for everything the planet has gifted to us, without ever being asked to.

It's a time to remember who we are as people, what we value and we what we love.

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