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  • Nazoorah Nusrat

Restructure the infrastructure...

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Government and business owners have the opportunity to take quantum leaps in restructuring lifestyles and economic models, to mitigate society burn out and delay climate change. Now is the time to strike - whilst the iron is still warming up!

Climate Progress

Due to the pandemic measures that we dearly refer to as 'lock down', progress on climate change has surfaced. The International Energy Agency (IEA) recorded a 5% global reduction of CO₂ emissions from fossil fuel combustion. The Paris Agreement target to limit global warming to 1.5℃ requires CO₂ emissions to have a yearly decrease of 7.6% over the next decade*. Although there has been a reduction of toxins alongside wildlife and nature reforming their own footprint, if we return to the old 'normal', this progress will be a distant memory.

When and where are you most productive?

A continuation of the 'work from home' method, could be the first call to action by reducing the in-person time spent in 'office buildings'. If the majority of employees can work from home in an environment that is made conducive to productivity, why not continue with this trend? This has and will obviously keep a lid on emissions and the need for public transport at peak times.

A few things may have risen to the surface in this pandemic...the realisation that too much time is spent 'working' rather than living, an enormous amount of time is wasted by commuting and holding in-person meetings, time with family, friends and more importantly time to look after a persons own mental, physical and emotional health has untapped value for society on the whole.

What was once deemed as productive - having bums on seats and lengthy obligatory team meetings could now be construed as the most highly inefficient way of running a successful business!


Perfect job scenario

This is a monumental opportunity to overhaul the rigidity of the 9-5 working week!

A segment of society has had time out of their regular work routine. They may have conjured up new ideals and priorities that were once thought of as taboo. Buckle up managers and HR departments - get ready for a surge of new policies and realigned objectives to reflect what employees now know they should have.

Companies have swallowed the bitter pill and quickly learnt, when they put the needs of the many first and embrace imposed change - the value and uniformity of their reason for being in business becomes visible again and they appreciate everyone's input and presence tenfold.


Synergism of industry and environment

With this pregnant pause, the value and necessity of the environment has been re-embraced. The realisation that the world does not revolve around the economy has also been recognised. However, the reliance on progressive economies and cross border trading - that was taken for granted, has shaken the global community. All elements still need to be nurtured and managed.

New initiatives and realigned objectives to preserve both necessities can pave the way to replenishing what was once there - nature and growth.

  • Vacant office spaces could be used to accommodate sustainable projects

  • Some could be converted into homeless housing and rehabilitation initiatives

  • Reinvestment into trading grounds for growing and selling fresh produce

  • Youth centres, and training venues for niche vocations

  • Recycling programs across industries

  • New enterprises for manufacturing green and clean energy and products

  • Plantations of trees and environmental areas to encourage inner city habitats


Power to the people

Previous governments achieved accelerated growth post the influenza pandemic of 1918 - the official formation of the NHS in 1948, created a sense of security and support for everyone. Some of that growth was at the cost of the environment, we have learnt from this and cannot step aside from the responsibility to reverse that damage when it is still possible.

We need the brains and brawn to emanate the mentality of progress aligned with sustainability. Our current situation sits in fear and lack of cohesion that has undone societies confidence in the government. Unfortunately, the economy will reflect this and the environment will continue to die around us.

However - the power of change, remains in the hands and minds of each individual. Ultimately, there is scope to redesign the roots and change the meaning and value of the economy. Revitalising the capital and revamping our tourist industry post the onset of the pandemic, whilst continuing to put an end to mindless destruction of wildlife and Eco systems.



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