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Daily Reflection

Reflection conjures up several meanings for me - taking a good look at yourself in the mirror and accepting yourself for who you are, warts and all.

Secondly, seeing the people in your life as a reflection of your true self.

Thirdly, thinking about what you have experienced and accepting it with gratitude or regret.

Let's talk about the second interpretation. There is a belief that we attract people who have the same traits and qualities as ourselves. When we admire someone's qualities and feel joyful around them, it's because their vibration and energy match ours.

The same applies to people who cause irritation, frustration, and anger. This occurs because they ignite those parts of us that we want to hide or don't like.

We can see the former when we think of how we made friends in our childhood...when life was simpler! You became friends if you both liked the same chocolate or toys. If your taste in clothes or playground wasn't the same, you wouldn't be friends.

When we emerge into the world as young and mature adults, our conditioning becomes even more complex. Once we get into the workforce, the situation only gets worse. It is an environment where we can't choose who we come into contact with or spend most of our day with.

There are several sayings that have been used to explain why we experience certain things; destiny, fate, lessons, growth, leveling depends on your perspective.

I want to highlight another level of contrast to consider and take on board.

There is a saying that 'opposites attract.' Archetypes, personality types, and astrological traits all mention this. People want what you have, need what you have, and are engaged with you in order to absorb what they believe you can offer.

An example is the exchange between empaths and narcissists; in personal and professional contexts. There is a strong dependency and toxic relationship between these types of personalities.

Whenever you find yourself wondering why people behave a particular way around you, or why you are the subject of negativity, jealousy, anger, or guilt. Remember it isn’t always a case of like attracts like or that they reflect you.

If you have an energetic vibration that is lacking in another; you will draw those people into your life, unknowingly.

You will feel as though you are the problem, issue, or told you are ‘ too sensitive.’ This is more than often - not the case.

There are ways for you to recognise when this is happening and how to manage these types of boundaries if you do not want them in your life.

The first step is finding out what type of person you are. Reflect on what makes you feel joy, happiness, and feel alive! Contrast that with finding out what irritates you, and makes you clench your jaw or more! Intuitively discern; are those traits within you, or simply traits that do not match your value system?

Once you have put effort into learning about yourself, it becomes easier to recognise people that share your values and those who project energy you want no part of.

The more you shine your own light, the people that are averse will be obvious to you and eventually retreat into their own shadows, the ones that share the same light will celebrate you with positive vibes.

It takes practice and determination to be true to yourself and not believe you are the reflection of all the experiences that you get to have.

#youareworthit #reflectingonyou #selfreflection #beyou

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