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About Nazoorah

When I set my sights on a goal, I always do my best to achieve it...

Nazoorah Nusrat


I'm an advocate of seizing the day and making the most it!

Maintaining balance in all areas of life is very important to me. I try to achieve that by spending time out and about in nature.  It always gives me a sense of calmness and often provides me with inspiration. I aim to share that passion with others to help them nurture a solid work-life balance. This has become a priority to many people, now more than ever. 


My second passion is helping others to smash their goals and dreams.  Rainbows Virtual came into being as I combined my career experience across two decades, of working with blue chip companies and running my own business. I thrive in the role of engaging in projects from conception through to fruition. My natural flare for organising and streamlining processes makes it a fun and enjoyable journey which doesn't feel like 'work'. 


My background of being a holistic therapist gave me the outlook and appreciation of how important it is to look after mind, body, and spirit. I nurture my mind with a continuous thirst for knowledge and learning new skills. I pay attention to my body by keeping it moving, that's why I value working virtually!  I've become more in tune with other practices that bring a deeper sense of meaning and gratitude to what I have in my life and the present moment. These tools have proved to be priceless over the last few years; Nervous System Regulation, Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, Journaling, Gratitude practice, intermittent fasting, creative writing and drawing, reading, spending time in silence, and Netflix binging ;)

I have combined my experience to offer Holistic Life Coaching as a new service, after so many levels of self-led healing, reflection, and exploration - this pathway and qualification have been the icing on the cake. Helping people deliver their goals whilst enriching their mind, body, and spirit and creating homeostasis in all areas of life.

I look forward to learning more about you!

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